Why Invest in an Adjustable Bed Mattress? Three Great Reasons to Take Control of Your Sleep

There are very few things in this world that every single person can relate to, but failing to get a good night’s sleep is certainly one of them. If you’ve been tossing and turning on an ordinary mattress, you’re not alone. Plus, you should know that stiff and antiquated mattresses are not your only option.

Adjustable bed mattresses have revolutionized the way that people sleep, allowing them to feel more energized every morning while eliminating some poor sleep habits. The quality of your sleep plays a direct role in how you function the next day, so you should be investing in a high-quality supportive bed at all costs. Bed comfort should be one of your top priorities, and adjustable bed mattresses deliver a sense of comfort and customization that is simply unrivaled.

Whether you want a way to help your partner stop snoring or just don’t want to feel tired when you wake up anymore, there is no limit to the potential benefits of adjustable beds. Here are just three of the many crucial reasons to invest in an adjustable bed mattress and take control of your sleep:

  • Experience a new type of sleep quality.Throughout the course of your life, you’ve likely heard varying opinions as to how much sleep you should be getting on a nightly basis. Even if you get 15 hours of sleep, you can still wake up feeling groggy, sore, and in a bad mood if you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. Regardless of what the experts recommend, about 56% of Americans say they get as much sleep as needed while 43% say they would feel better if they got more sleep, according to 2013 Gallup poll. If you think that you are part of this 43%, it’s time to invest in a better sleep.
  • Snoring, insomnia, and more.In addition to helping you sleep in comfort, adjustable bed mattresses can also help you with certain sleep-related issues. Since adjustable beds can contour to specific positions for different people, they may be a tremendous help in reducing snoring. Also, a recent Harvard Medical School study found that one in four U.S. workers has insomnia, costing U.S. employers $63 billion in lost productivity each year. If a lack of sleep is hurting you in the workplace, you may change this with adjustable mattresses.
  • Since you sleep in your bed almost every single night, you should be treating mattresses like an investment. Therefore, you need to invest in something that will give you the most “bang for your buck.” According to the National Sleep Foundation, good quality mattresses have a life expectancy of about nine to 10 years.Your sleep is vital to your success and happiness, and you can’t just throw any old type of mattress in your bedroom and expect to reach your full potential. Invest in a high-quality adjustable bed mattress and love the experience.


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