Why Do Flat Beds Hurt So Much?

If you’re like most people, you’ve slept on a regular flat bed for your entire life. You probably haven’t thought much of it, because it’s all you’ve ever known. If you have trouble finding a comfortable sleep position at night, or if you wake up still feeling tired, you probably assume that it’s because of something other than your bed.

The truth is, flat beds are terrible for human bodies. More people have begun to discover why adjustable beds allow for better sleep quality. If you still can’t understand why these beds are so unique, here’s a quick look at why your flat bed isn’t a good choice:

  • Your spine is naturally curved in an “S” shape. When you lie down on a flat surface, the position leaves a few areas of your body unsupported. The neck, lower back, and knees are the areas where support is nonexistent. This causes strain in those muscles and it causes the weight of your body to be distributed unequally.


  • You may have heard someone else talking about sleeping in a reclining chair (or you might even prefer to sleep in a chair yourself) instead of in a bed. This is actually more common than you might think, and it makes more sense than it initially seems. Lounge chairs adjust to the contours of your body much like an adjustable bed does, and this allows weight to be distributed evenly.


  • Tossing and turning at night is just one clear sign that your flat bed is not supporting your body correctly. You constantly move during the night trying to find a more comfortable position so that certain muscles don’t become too strained; this could disrupt your sleep very easily. Around 90% of all Americans say that they wake up at least once during the night, and this is often the reason why.

If you’ve finally decided to sleep on an adjustable bed, you’ve made a great decision. If your flat mattress is nearing the end of its lifespan (which should be around 10 years), it’s the perfect time to do a little more research on why an adjustable mattress is a better option. You spend around 3,000 hours per year lying on your mattress, so it’s important to be comfortable during those hours!

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage, may provide temporary relief of low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion, edema or swelling of the legs, poor local blood circulation of the legs, symptoms of hiatus hernia, symptoms of gastric reflux, nighttime heartburn. The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Sleeping in an upright position may reduce or ease light and occasional snoring

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