We Need Sleep but Why?

Our bodies regulate sleep in the same way that it regulates eating, drinking and breathing. Because of this, scientists and doctors believe that sleep serves as a critical role in our lives and in our health. Surprisingly, an estimated 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived and or have trouble falling asleep.

We are not sure why sleep is detrimental to our health but there are a few possible reasons that we do know. One of the earliest theories of sleep could be because of natural selection. This theory suggests that inactivity at night served as a survival function. Basically the animals that were able to stay still and quiet during these periods of vulnerability had an advantage over other animals that remained active. Because of this the animals that remained still were not hurt or killed by predators. Through natural selection, this behavioral strategy evolved into what we know as sleep.

Another theory of why we need sleep is to conserve energy. Research has shown that energy metabolism is reduced during sleep at least by 10% in humans, and more in other species. Body temperature and caloric demand decreasing during sleep is evidence of helping organisms conserve their energy. This also kept the early humans alive longer!

There are also restorative theories that suggest that why we sleep is based on the belief that sleep restores our bodies. Sleep gives our bodies an opportunity to restore and rejuvenate itself. Many studies have been done to collect evidence for this and have been tested on humans and animals.

These theories still remain unproven but scientists and doctors have made huge strides in discovering what happens during sleep. Making sure your sleep setting is comfortable is also important to getting a good night’s sleep, so having an adjustable mattress or blackout curtains could be a huge improvement to your sleeping habits. Please visit our website for more information on how an adjustable bed could help you gain a better night’s rest.

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage, may provide temporary relief of low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion, edema or swelling of the legs, poor local blood circulation of the legs, symptoms of hiatus hernia, symptoms of gastric reflux, nighttime heartburn. The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Sleeping in an upright position may reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.

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