Three Reasons Why Adjustable Beds are For Everyone

While many believe that adjustable beds are just for the elderly, this could not be any less true. In fact, the features that adjustable beds have to offer can prove beneficial for individuals in all walks of life and circumstances.

  1. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep.
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re 19 or 91, a good night’s sleep is integral to living a happy and productive lifestyle. Because of their versatile nature, adjustable beds are made in a range of sizes right for every person, ensuring optimal bed comfort and a great night’s sleep. With the ability to incline to every sleeper’s individual preference, an adjustable electric bed is capable of relieving an individual of bodily pressure that typically makes sleeping uncomfortable.
  2. No one deserves to be in pain.
    Whether you’re a professional athlete or an individual with arthritis, experiencing minor aches and pains can negatively affect your sleeping patterns. And according to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, low back pain is one of the leading medical ailments that can prevent sleep. Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds with optional heat and massage may provide temporary relief from low back pain.
  3. Science trumps sleep myths.
    It’s 2015 and sleep science has made great leaps and bounds forward. For example, we now know that falling asleep isn’t as easy as just lying in bed. In fact, lying in bed for more than 15 minutes at a time without sleeping might actually make it more difficult to fall asleep each evening. Research has also suggested that we get a better night’s sleep when our bodies are in the correct position. When a person tosses and turns, this is because their body is trying to relieve itself of uncomfortable pressure points. Adjustable beds allow you to support your body in any way that you need to prevent any unwanted pain or discomfort. When your body is at its most comfortable state, a good night’s rest comes easy.

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage also may provide temporary relief from:

• Low Back Pain
• Minor Aches and Pains Due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion
• Edema or Swelling of the Legs
• Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs
• Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia
• Nighttime Heartburn
• Symptoms of Gastric Reflux
• The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from Mild Arthritis and Joint Pain, as well as Muscle Pain Associated with Stress and Tension
• Sleeping in an upright position may Reduce or Ease Light and Occasional Snoring.

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