This Watch Will Jolt You Until You Get Out of Bed

For a variety of reasons, Americans of all ages have been falling in love with adjustable bed systems, but now, a group of inventors has taken the term “electric bed” to a whole new level. Most electric beds allow you to easily find a more comfortable position while sleeping, or even regulate your comfort through adjustable bed systems with optional heat. But this concept takes the word “electric” in electric bed a little too literally.

That’s because you might very well be living amongst the most sleep deprived people in history. For a variety of reasons, Americans today have incredibly poor sleep hygiene. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that anywhere from 50 to 70 million of us suffer from chronic sleep or wakefulness disorders. At the same time, sleep doctors with the Harvard Medical School have said that as many as one in four U.S. workers has some degree of insomnia. Even more terrifying, all those insomniacs cost U.S. employers $63 billion annually in lost productivity alone.

And that doesn’t even include the spouses and significant others of the 90 million Americans who snore, 37 million of whom do so constantly.

This spring, a team of entrepreneurial inventors wants to capitalize off of the nation’s poor sleep hygiene with a shocking new device. Literally, it will shock you.

A team of inventors who go by the name Pavlok have invented a wearable device called the Pavlok Shock Clock, which delivers an electric shock to get you out of bed in the morning. First, the wristwatch vibrates, then it beeps, and if you still won’t get out of bed, it delivers a mild electric shock. The inventors turned to IndieGoGo for help funding the idea, and in about a month, they’ve already raised $239,651 from 1,939 backers.

The company doesn’t just want to help you wake up early, they want to train your brain to become a morning person. It’s based on Pavlovian conditioning, a technique in which a behavior is connected to a stimulus through repetition. By repeatedly shocking the wearer every time they try to hit snooze, the Pavlok team thinks you’ll slowly condition yourself to wake up faster.

If you’re really desperate to wake up on time, then check out the IndieGogo campaign. Of course, you can always find electric beds that are comforting and won’t shock you!


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