Sleepwalking or somnambulism is a behavior disorder that causes people to walk around or perform other acts while in a deep sleep. It is much more common in children then it is in adults and is more likely to occur when sleep deprived. It is often very difficult to wake up a sleepwalker because they are in such a deep sleep.

Sleepwalking can involve so much more than just sleeping, many people can actually do complex actions while sleepwalking. Some things sleepwalkers can do while in the state can range from sitting up and looking around to driving long distances. Common triggers for sleepwalkers can be lack of sleep, medications or alcohol intake.

Sleeping commonly occurs in the lighter stages or NREM, this is usually within the first few hours of falling asleep. The sleepwalkers brain may be partially aroused during this as well. In addition to walking during sleep walking, the person may sleep talk or have no memory of the event. People who sleepwalk may also experience difficulty waking.

There is no specific treatment for sleepwalking but if you are experiencing problems, you should consult your doctor.

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