REM Sleep

REM sleep or rapid eye movement basically is when your body is paralyzed but your brain is completely active. Here’s a breakdown of what happens.

First your brain is racing, your eyes are rapidly moving behind your closed eye lids all the while thinking and dreaming crazy things. Your heart rate will speed up to daytime levels along with your breathing and your body temp will start to rise as well as your blood pressure.

Lastly, your fight-or-flight response or sympathetic nervous system is twice as active when you are sleeping. Interestingly so though, despite all of this activity going on in your body, the body hardly moves. Occasionally there will be little twitches here and there but all your muscles besides the ones needed for breathing and eye movement are basically dormant.

REM sleep is sais to only happen about 3 to 5 times a night (or every 90 minutes). The first time REM sleep occurs, it usually only lasts for a few minutes but continues to grow as the sleep cycle continues. Over time, during the course of the night the longest an REM sleep period may last is up to a half-hour.

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