Ready, Get Set, Sleep!

Many people have an issue getting a good night’s rest. Here are a few tips that may help you get the sleep you need.

* Establish a more natural sleep routine. Teenagers who sleep in until 3pm on Sunday and have to get up at 6am on Monday often experience a sort of jet-lag from the disruption to their circadian rhythms. Try getting to bed a little earlier on the weekends so that you can wake up before 11am. Establishing a sleep schedule can help.

* Try changing up your mattress, pillow, and sheets. There is no “right” bed for everyone, and some people find that their optimal bed comfort isn’t a hard mattress like they thought, but a soft one, or visa versa. Adjustable beds are an excellent option and can potentially be helpful for temporary relief of low back pain as well.

There are different methods for getting a good night’s rest. Ask yourself what has helped you in the past? Try keeping a journal about what you did the night before that effected your sleep. An  adjustable bed may also help you and your loved ones get a good night’s rest. Today’s adjustable beds have many different styles and sizes and have heat and massage options.


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