Never Buy a Comforter Without Doing This First

This April the Washington Post advice columnist Hints From Heloise addressed a topic near and dear to our hearts, adjustable beds.

Specifically, a reader wrote in to complain that the comforter she bought from the store was too short to fit on her bed. As people demand more choices in bedding and mattresses, many textile manufacturers have failed to adapt. That’s left a lot of annoyed customers who find out too late that their allegedly queen size comforter won’t actually fit on their standard queen size bed.

An annoyed reader wrote into Heloise, “It seems that mattresses are getting thicker and thicker, and the comforters are getting smaller and smaller. When I compared this new one to the one I am currently using, the new one is at least nine inches shorter. If the manufacturers think they are saving money by using less material, they need to realize that they also are losing sales over this practice.”

The advice columnist concludes, “The only thing I can say is, measure your mattress, including height, before shopping for bedding. When we got adjustable beds (which I love, by the way), I had to resort to making a bedspread!”

Of course, we love adjustable beds as well, for obvious reasons. Many people have found that they feel more well rested after purchasing adjustable beds more suited to their sleeping needs, a wise investment considering we spend 3,000 hours on our mattresses each year. And for the 90 million Americans who struggle with snoring, sleeping in upright positions may help ease some types of snoring. And even getting 18 to 23 minutes more sleep at night can have a positive impact on one’s quality of life.

So how can you make sure your comforter will match your new adjustable bed systems?

Before purchasing adjustable mattresses, it’s important to note the exact proportions of the bed. For instance, the most popular of the Craftmatic® Brand Adjustable Beds, the Model I, comes in a wide variety of sizes. A queen-sized Model I comes in a Regular size (60″x80″) or an X-Long size (60″x84″), while a full size Model I comes in three sizes, 54″ by 74″, 80″, and 84″.

Beds and mattresses in the United States feature standard lengths and widths, but there can still be some variation. Here in the States, the standard bed length for single and full-size beds is 74″; queen and king beds are normally 80″. However, all Craftmatic® Brand Adjustable Beds are available in 74″, 80″ and 84″ lengths depending on the customer’s preference.

So before you buy new sheets or comforters, break out the measuring tape and enjoy your new adjustable bed!


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