Jet Lag and Sleep

A lot of people travel for their jobs and jet lag can be a problem for your sleep schedule when traveling to different time zones. For many years, jet lag was considered just a state of mind. But when traveling to a new time zone, our circadian rhythms are slow to adjust and it’s hard to stay on your original biological schedule.

Some simple things that can help with jetlag are stated below:

Try selecting a flight that has an evening arrival and you will stay up past 10 pm local time.  If you have to sleep during the day, make sure your nap doesn’t last longer than two hours. Try setting an alarm so you don’t oversleep.

Try going to bed later or earlier depending on how the time change works in the place you’re going. It’s also helpful to change your watch to your destination when you board your plane.

Watching what you eat and drink at least three to four hours before bed can be a big advantage as well. Caffeine and alcohol act as stimulants and can keep you from getting optimum sleeping hours. Chocolate can also be bad before bed.

Avoid any heavy exercise before bed, so try and get your exercise in earlier in the day. Earplugs and an eye covering can be very helpful on long flights when you know you are going to be getting a few hours of shut eye.

Lastly, make sure to try and get some sunlight. Daylight is natural powerful stimulant that can help regulate your biological clock.

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