History of Adjustable Beds

The first real electric adjustable bed was created in the 19th century by Dr Willis D Gatch. He designed and manufactured what is known to today as the standard adjustable bed.

At the Indiana University school of medicine, Gatch drew up the plans for what he would call the “Gatch Bed” which was adjustable and maneuver to many different positions. These beds were used as hospital beds and medical care facilities as the best bed for comfort, relaxation and recuperation.

This bed was used by soldiers in WWI who were hurt and healing. It gave them restorative comfort from all the positions they were able to adjust the bed to. The adjustable electric bed can be great for anyone who is recovering from surgery because of the many positions.

Today the adjustable electric bed is something that many people can have in their homes and be proud to show off. These beds are the pinnacle of position comfort and class. One night spent on this bed and you may never go back to a regular bed again.

Having a mattress that can adjust to you could be a great improvement in your sleep schedule and keep you feeling rested and rejuvenated.


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