Getting Children on a Sleep Schedule

When your children go on winter or summer vacation, their sleeping schedule can be disrupted. This new schedule can make them miss hours of important slumber.

Here are some tips to help ease your child into a good sleeping schedule that will keep them feeling refreshed and energized.

Around two weeks before school starts, set a bedtime that gets earlier every other night and adjust the time your kids are waking up. This will get them assimilated to waking up and getting them ready for school. Also, make sure to keep the sleep schedule that you set for them.

Maybe implement a “quiet time” before bed so your children can wind down without even really realizing that they are relaxing before bed. Limit television, video games and any other electronics that can distract from a normal bedtime. Allow the child to unwind with relaxing activities like a bath before bed or even read a story read for younger children.

Avoid any heavy foods or beverages before bed too. Soda is not a drink to have before bed and should be limited to 6 hours before bedtime. Caffeine really can mess up anyone but for children it can keep them hyperactive for hours.

Lastly, make sure your kids room is comfortable for them. Having a mattress and pillow that is form fitting to the child and is the right size is really important. The temperature in the room should be not too hot and not too cold and once again, electronics should not be in the room or on while they are trying to fall asleep.

All these things can really help the kids to get into a healthy routine of sleeping normal hours and waking up at a time that keeps them feeling energized.

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