Electronics in the Bedroom? Friend or Foe?

Electronics are a huge part of the 21st century, and being focused on our phones and computers is just a part of life. But learning how to control your electronic intake before bed can be really important for your health.

Exposing your eyes to light keeps your mind alert and can keep you from hours of sleep. Winding down before bed is especially helpful to your brain and eyes. There are photoreceptors in the retina that sense light and dark. These receptors signal our brain telling us whether its day or night and align with our circadian rhythms.

The signals that tell us whether its day or night are there to make us more alert in the morning and fall asleep at the appropriate time at night. Electronics can mess up these signals and that white light can make you lose precious hours of sleep. Even the smallest light from an electronic device has been proven to promote wakefulness at nighttime.

Children that see their parents with their electronics before bed are more susceptible to do the same thing. Kids that use electronics before bed are more likely to have later bedtimes as time goes on, and experience less hours of sleep. They also report to have more days of daytime sleepiness.

Keeping electronics for daytime use is a huge part of having a healthy lifestyle. Help your kids maintain a sleeping schedule that helps them stay awake and energized throughout the day.

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