Do You Need to See a Sleep Specialist?

Getting enough sleep is an absolutely imperative for good health. If little changes to your lifestyle and environment have not helped your sleeping problem, then it may be time to see a doctor to evaluate your sleep history. A good primary care physician may be able to diagnose and treat a sleep disorder, but you could also be referred to a sleep specialist.

Sleep specialists take a detailed medical history in addition to a sleeping history for you and your family members. Our bodies are genetically programmed to respond to stimuli, sound and, particularly, light in order to fall asleep and wake up on a regular cycle.

Sleep disorders can be either just a sleeping problem in itself or a symptom of another physical or psychological condition. Because of this, sleep history may be quite detailed.

There are almost 40 different questionnaires sleep specialists might administer to construct a sleeping history. Then after evaluating your sleep history, a specialist may recommend you undergo an overnight test that will allow clinicians to get a better sense of your sleep patterns and sleeping history.

During a sleep test, technicians will monitor your bodily movements and observe several different physiologic processes like brain activity, air flow, oxygen flow, and heartbeat.

The most important thing to remember is to respect your body’s need for a good night’s rest and take action if you’re falling short.


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