Do Adjustable Bed Mattresses Fit on Regular Bed Frames?

The average person needs seven to nine hours sleep each night, yet millions of Americans don’t even come close. One in four U.S. workers suffers from insomnia, costing employers $63 billion in lost productivity annually. But then there are the countless Americans with undiagnosed conditions. Unfortunately, being the parent of a young child isn’t a recognized medical disorder, even though 54% say they don’t get as much sleep as they need. And don’t forget about the spouses, partners, and sleep-deprived better halves of the 37 million snoring Americans.

For all these reasons and more, millions of Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they need to invest in a better night’s sleep, and for many, that means discovering the benefits of adjustable bed systems. There are various sizes of adjustable beds available, with a huge variety of extra features like wireless remotes, adjustable bed mattresses with optional heat and massage functions. (Read more about these features on our website.)

Yet, one of the most common questions people have before buying an adjustable bed mattress is whether it will fit on their standard bed frame. Most people own a bed frame, either a simple steel frame or an ornate decorative frame, plus a box spring and mattress combination. However, for adjustable bed mattresses to — well — adjust, they come with their own bed frame.

Our adjustable bed mattresses are constructed with quiet motors designed to help them reliably, silently, and smoothly adjust as needed. However, for the motors and mattress to function correctly, they cannot simply be placed on top of an existing bed frame.

Even so, that’s because Craftmatic® Adjustable Bed mattresses come with a built in steel frame. This means you no longer have to go shopping for a bed frame like you normally would when buying new bedroom furniture, nor do you need to buy an extra box spring mattress for support.

And while some people mistakenly believe that adjustable bed systems are too expensive, the cost of standard mattresses, plus a box spring, plus a bed frame, plus a headboard can be expensive.


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