Common Sleep Disorders

Replacing old mattresses with adjustable beds might just be the key to getting better sleep. If you’ve looked up and read about some other well-known suggestions without seeing results, it might be time to consider a mattress upgrade. If you have any questions about getting a good night’s sleep, or what may be a good choice for the right adjustable bed, contact Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds today.

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage also may provide temporary relief from: • Low Back Pain • Minor Aches and Pains Due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion • Edema or Swelling of the Legs • Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs • Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia • Nighttime Heartburn • Symptoms of Gastric Reflux • The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from Mild Arthritis and Joint Pain, as well as Muscle Pain Associated with Stress and Tension • Sleeping in an upright position may Reduce or Ease Light and Occasional Snoring.

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