Changing your Sleep Position Changes your Dreams

Do you sleep on your side, your back, or your stomach? There’s new evidence that changing the position you sleep in could influence your dreams, but this kind of change might not be the best idea for your health.

Experts say there is no perfect sleep position. The first rule for sweet dreams and a restful night of sleep is to be as comfortable as possible. Many people start off sleeping on their sides. More than half of the 2,000 Americans surveyed in a national study reported that they slept on their sides, 17 percent slept on their backs, and 11 percent on their stomachs.

Although stomach sleepers are in the minority, they seem to be having the most erotic dreams. Dream experts at Hong Kong Shue Yan University studied 670 students, two-thirds of them female, and found that students who slept on their stomachs described their dreams as more intense, vivid, and sexual and also reported having dreams of being ”locked up” or “unable to move”.

Physical pressure on the body when sleeping facedown could be the reason for the erotic dreams and different sleep positions might create pressure to different parts of the body therefore, these body feelings may be the sources of dream elements.

The findings make sense clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael J. Breus, PhD, because people sleeping face down may be more restricted in their movement than those on their sides or backs.

It’s believed that if you change your sleep position, your dreams will change too, but it’s not recommended. Sleeping in an unfamiliar or unnatural sleep position could interfere with the quality of your sleep. You may pay a high price in the morning.

Each sleep position can influence your dreams and your overall sleep. Sleeping on your side is the most common sleep position. Studies have found that right-side sleepers experienced more positive dreams and fewer nightmares than left-side sleepers.

Doctors also say you should avoid sleeping face down with your face against the pillow. People who sleep on their stomachs report increased restlessness caused by frequent tossing and turning to get comfortable. Sleeping prone, on your stomach, may also put strain on your lower back and cause neck pain. Even getting a mattress that supports your body like an adjustable mattress could change the nature of your dreams.


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