How Adjustable Furniture Can Greatly Improve Your Elderly Parents’ Day-to-Day Lives

Comedies showing the elderly struggling to get out of a chair or bed can be funny, until the struggle becomes real for a loved one.

Hips, joints and muscles may be very weak for those older than 70 or so, making it difficult to rise from a sitting position — or even to go from standing to sitting.

Thankfully, there are many different types of adjustable furniture available today to help make the getting in and out of beds and chairs much easier for your elderly parents.

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds, for example, can really help your parents be more comfortable. A Craftmatic adjustable bed can adjust to numerous positions to help support your parents’ neck, shoulders, head, lower and upper back, legs and feet, hips and thighs.

Just some of the benefits of an adjustable bed:

  • ŸThese beds can adjust to multiple positions so that your parents will be able to sleep in the position(s) in which they are most comfortable.
  • ŸAn adjustable bed with optional heat and massage may provide temporary relief of low back pain.
  • ŸAdjustable electric beds may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of gastric reflux as well as temporary relief of nighttime heartburn.
  • ŸWhen equipped with the optional heating accessory, a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed may provide temporary relief from mild joint pain or arthritis.
Craftmatic Electric Lift Chair

Craftmatic Electric Lift Chair

Electro-lift chairs that move up and tilt so that your parents are able to get to a standing (or sitting) position can be a great addition to (or replacement of) one of their living room recliners.

About the Author
The writer has personal experience with elderly ailing parents: her father has Alzheimer’s and her mother has “age related” dementia.

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