3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Comfort Levels AND Your Sleep Quality

The comfort of your bedroom environment plays a big role in how well you’re able to fall asleep and stay asleep, but if you’re like most people, you’ve never known just how big of a role it plays.

Here a few ways to adjust the environmental factors in your bedroom that determine your sleep quality and comfort while sleeping:

  • Your body naturally sweats or shivers while you sleep in order to keep your internal temperature at an optimal level. Unfortunately, if your room is too hot or too cold, you may find that you’re waking up during the night because your body isn’t able to adjust naturally. In fact, many people wake up during the night because of a temperature-related issue. According to theNational Sleep Foundation, the majority of people will be most comfortable sleeping in a room set around 65 degrees.


  • The fabric of your bed, pillows, and mattress all play a role in your sleep quality; even your pajamas could be contributing to poor sleep. It’s not always the best idea to sleep with heavy blankets, thick pajamas, or on an ultra-firm mattress. Breathable fabrics are often recommended for sheets and pajamas, and finding a pillow and mattress that supports your body is more important than sleeping on a firm bed. Many people find that adjustable beds provide the best support because adjustable mattresses are designed to provide contoured support for each individual.


  • Lastly, make sure that you aren’t sleeping on an old mattress or pillow. A high-quality mattress has an expected lifespan of nine to 10 years, although a lower-quality mattress might last even less time than that. Your pillow will also naturally lose its firmness and shape over time, so make sure to replace it if you find that you’re waking up with aches and pains in the morning.

There are so many factors that can affect your sleep, but one thing is clear: it’s absolutely essential to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep to feel rested during the day. Everyone’s body is a little bit different when sleeping is concerned, so it’s important to find what works for you!


Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage, may provide temporary relief of low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion, edema or swelling of the legs, poor local blood circulation of the legs, symptoms of hiatus hernia, symptoms of gastric reflux, nighttime heartburn. The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Sleeping in an upright position may reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.


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