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“My Craftmatic Adjustable Bed saved my life!”

"I used to sit up night after night with acid reflux in my reclining chair. I was never comfortable and never got a good night sleep. Once I got my Craftmatic, I sleep without waking up. I just adjust my bed with my head and shoulders raised just enough to keep the acid from waking me up!

I sincerely thank Craftmatic from the bottom of my heart...and my wife does too!
Electric Reclining Lift Chair - Regain your Independence

Here’s All The Benefits of a Zero Gravity... Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner in One Word!

Effortless comfort with Craftmatic's everyday low price guarantee!

If you are wondering whether purchasing an electric lift recliner is the right thing for you, consider the benefits that owning a Zero Gravity Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner will bring.

Effortless comfort with Craftmatic’s everyday low price guarantee!
Craftmatic ® Now offers a convenient “Shop by Phone & Save” program on its electric, reclining lift chair. You can easily contact us directly and receive free information and prices right over the phone. There is no pressure, just a professional positive experience that guarantees they won’t be undersold on any competitive type product. Craftmatic is also promising to beat any competitors advertised price by $100.

Craftmatic Electric Reclining Chair

Ease in and out of chairs without any assistance!
Using state of the art technology, our electronic riser chairs offer the user the freedom to sit down and stand up with ease. The design of the lift chair allows the user to easily back up, letting the chair handle all of the effort required to sit down. When ready to stand up, the process is reversed as the reclining lift chair slowly, safely, and effortlessly lifts the user into a standing position. Experience the freedom to stand up and sit down on your own terms with a Zero Gravity Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner.

The World's Most Comfortable Riser/Recliner Chair

Multiple Reclining Positions … Plus Optional Heat & Massage
Some electric lift chairs are limited in the options they offer, but not the Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner. Craftmatic lift recliners also offer optional heat and soothing massage. Users can easily go from standing to sitting to full recline in a matter of seconds. Looking to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon? No problem with Craftmatic’s ElectroLift Recliner. You can adjust the automatic recliner settings at the touch of a button as desired and lay down for a nap, sit up and watch TV, and everything in between.

Craftmatic Lift Recliner

Quality You Can Depend On
Purchasing a Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner can be one of the best decisions of your life, because you are purchasing a quality product from Craftmatic. The gears and motor used in our electric lift recliners are made from quality materials so you know they can stand up to repeated, extended use.

Styles to Match Any Decor
The last thing you want when adding a new piece of furniture into your home is to have it clash with your existing décor. So thankfully; Craftmatic offers the Zero Gravity ElectroLift Recliner in a variety of colors to match nearly any home’s interior. Your brand new reclining lift chair will be the perfect complement to your living room, study or any room in your home.

Call Craftmatic today to see the exciting color options available. 1.800.245.0205

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