Lets Compare In Home Trials & Money-Back Guarantee's

Today’s Craftmatic® vs "Copycats & Imitators"

Craftmatic's "30 Day In Home Trial"
It’s The Best in the Business!

60 / 90 / 120 Day In-Home Trials
Divert - Discourage & Wear You Out!
30 days is enough time to know if your bed is right!
We tell you:
The cost of return shipping - Before you order!
We arrange:
Return shipping - You don't have to lift a finger.
We do not:
Mark up the cost of returns. - You pay what we pay!
If the bed(s) come back damaged it's insured!
You are not responsible!
Many companies avoid telling you that you are responsible for return costs.
Many companies require you to arrange for your own shipping company, so the return costs can vary and become exorbitant.
Others hide the fact that only the mattress is
returnable and you get stuck with the base.
If the bed(s) come back damaged or dirty -
You are responsible!

BEWARE of the Copycats & Imitators
What good is lifetime warranty from a company who MIGHT GO out of business?

Beware of language like:
"It's simple and straightforward." "You buy our bed—and either love it or not. If not, return the bed to us and we'll refund your money."

Now doesn't that sound like you're getting a full refund?
Then you read on: Return Procedures: Try your adjustable bed for a minimum of 45 days.
If you are not satisfied for any reason you can take advantage of our either or 90-Day Mattress Swap program or our 90-Day money back guarantee.To return the bed for a full refund, after 45 days call to request a return good authorization. (RGA).You will be issued an RGA number and
the return instructions.Once your bed(s) have been received at the warehouse you will be refunded the full amount of your original purchase order (no restocking fees).

Now was it clearly stated that your full refund is minus return shipping?
How much will return shipping cost?

That's the game - Who knows how much a shipper will charge?
You have to arrange for a shipper yourself. People have paid as much as they paid for their bed. Beware of companies who hide or try to avoid the cost of returns.


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